History:  The Torch Foundation was established on May 21, 1979, to help the International Association of Torch Clubs to expand and prosper.  For several decades Foundation funds remained at about twenty thousand dollars in total.  Traditionally, the sole expenditure (beyond administrative expenses) was to underwrite the Paxton Lectureship, awarded for the best paper delivered at a Torch Club by a Torch Club member in the preceding year.

In June 2008, the Foundation was reorganized.  The newly-elected Foundation Trustees and President are following a path of transparency and effective communication with the IATC Board.  The new leadership set goals to recruit new members for the Foundation, invest funds for growth, and help the IATC with targeted financial awards.

To augment funds available for awards, Foundation Trustees are working among the Torch community in the U.S. and Canada to increase assets of the Foundation.  They are also pursuing an increase in Foundation Members through the Annual Membership Program and the Life Member Program, and seeking bequests from local Torch Club members.  Trustees are also exploring ways to attract outside donors.

Awards:   To facilitate distribution of grants, these procedures have been established.  Grants will be available to: 1) Individual Torch Club members   2) Local Torch Clubs   3) Torch Regions One through Ten, and 4) the IATC.

Grant applicants should keep dollar requests reasonable when planning a project for funding.  Trustees have no fixed number of requests to fill, and could give available funds to one project, divide it among several projects, or award no grants.

Project ideas will be considered solely on merit.  Special consideration will be given to projects aimed at increasing the number of Foundation members, but any project for the betterment of Torch will be looked at thoughtfully.

An official Torch Foundation Grant Application (two pages) should be filled out completely.  The form may be augmented by additional pages of supplementary materials, if the applicant desires, but this is not required.  Questions about the application process can be answered by Stephen T. Toy, at derstief@comcast.net


Timing for the award of initial and subsequent grants is not specific.  Applications for funding will be considered on a continuous basis.


Completed applications should be sent by regular mail to:

Stephen T. Toy
102 Townsend Road
Newark, DE 19711-7916

Or by e-mail to: derstief@comcast.net

Every application will receive an email response confirming its receipt.  Awards themselves will be made on a rolling basis, and an official trustee decision will be sent to each applicant within three months of receipt.  A written assessment of the merits of the project will be included with the decision letter, and some applicants may receive encouragement to reapply.

Funded projects: Each accepted project will be assigned a Foundation contact.  That project contact will then stay in touch with the primary applicant, at intervals, to discuss progress.  This ongoing communication is not intended to be onerous, but to serve as a source of possible assistance to the project manager– and a means of keeping the Foundation Board informed.

Grant money will be held by the Foundation, and will be reimbursed to the primary applicant, as soon as receipts for project related expenses are received and approved by the project contact.

All grant applications submitted will become the property of the Torch Foundation.  The Foundation reserves the right to use information related to successfully completed grant projects in future publicity for the Foundation. Such requests might include photos, with permission of those photographed.

RL 2/18/2017