The Torch Foundation exists to support the promotion, development and recognition of excellence in the International Association of Torch Clubs, Inc. (IATC). To achieve that goal and to promote the “Torch Experience,” the Torch Foundation is building an endowment from gifts and bequests received primarily from Torch clubs and individual members of those Torch clubs. The Torch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, allowing donors to enjoy the tax deductibility of gifts to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Currently, the Torch Foundation supports the Norris H. Paxton Lectureship, publication of articles in the Torch Magazine and new club development initiatives. As its endowment income increases, it plans to widen its support of Torch activities. Suggestions for support include educational scholarships and scholarships to annual Torch conventions. Other suggestions from the membership will be considered by the Board of Trustees.

The Torch Foundation Officers and Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is elected each year at the Annual Membership Meeting of the Torch Foundation, which is held at the IATC annual convention.

Officers and Trustees for 2018:

President: Anne Sterling, Richmond VA

VP: Richard Lynch, Ballston Spa NY

Secretary: Ann Dahl, Baltimore MD

Treasurer: Shirley Eberly, Rochester NY

Edward Latimer,
Columbia SC

Susan Breen-Held
DesMoines IA

Leo Kellogg
East Greenbush NY

John Tordiff
St. Catherine’s ON

Donna Weis
Appleton WI

James McNeely
Newark DE

Torch Foundation Membership Application (PDF) or submit the online form here.

All Torch members are urged to become a member of the Torch Foundation. Annual membership dues are $25 and the membership year is from January 1st to December 31st. Lifetime membership can be obtained for a lump sum membership payment of $500 or 4 annual payments of $125. Members are welcome to attend meetings and participate in the Foundation.

Dues to the foundation are considered charitable contributions and are fully deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

Interview With Francis Moul, Ph.D. – First Lifetime Member of the Torch Foundation

The Oldenburg Endowment Fund

The Torch Foundation received a major bequest from the trust of Robert A. Oldenburg, a longtime member of the Chicago Torch Club. The Torch Foundation Board has established The Oldenburg Endowment Fund, which will include all of the funds received from the Oldenburg Trust. That corpus will remain inviolate; the income will be utilized exclusively as requested by the Oldenburg Trust, namely, “to supplement the existing information service to [Torch] members and prospective members.”

There are many ways you can help The Torch Foundation help support and sustain excellence in the International Association of Torch Clubs Inc., (IATC). You may wish to consider one or more of the following types of gifts:

Gifts of Cash are always welcome and have an immediate impact on the growth of the Torch Foundation. Pledges allow you to fulfill a commitment over a multi-year period. Deferred or Planned Gifts give you an opportunity to support Torch as part of your own long-term financial and estate planning. Life insurance assignments, bequests, trusts and certain annuity products permit you to provide for your own comfort and security while also benefiting the future health of Torch.

If you would like to contribute to the endowment fund of the Torch Foundation, please contact one of the officers or trustees or send your check payable to The Torch Foundation to: The Torch Foundation, Treasurer Ms. Susan L. Breen-Held, 3213 Maish Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50321-1941. All contributions will be promptly acknowledged.

Thank you for your consideration of The Torch Foundation in your gift planning. All gifts will add to the strength of Torch through the provision of income to Torch activities.

All contributions are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the full extent permitted by IRS regulations.

How to Apply for a Torch Foundation Grant

Grant Application (online form)

In Honor of Torch Bearer Tom Carroll

“In 1959, Tom Carroll brought Torch to Lincoln, NE.  Previously a member of Torch in Winston-Salem, NC, Tom was dedicated to the idea of stimulating thoughtful discussion and collegial relationships among the professional community of Lincoln.  Himself the head of the Safety Council of Nebraska, Tom successfully forged a strong “town-and-gown” mix that has grown to more than 50 members in what is now the Lincoln Torch Club.  He was committed to high professional standards, strongly encouraged Torch papers that challenged the membership and provoked serious discussion, and was  an energetic participant in the International Association of Torch Clubs, including service as Secretary-Treasurer.”

In Honor of Torch Bearer Norine Haas

Norine Haas has been a long-time devotee and leader of the Frederick and Westminster, MD Torch Clubs. After retiring from a 13 year tenure as CEO of the Frederick County Mental Health Association. Norine has also been President of the 200 member Frederick Rotary Club, a loyal supporter of the League of Women Voters, interested in the local arts scene, and a leader in church activities. After many years of classical piano training, she switched gears and earned a nursing degree from Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. She has been married to Ted, another Torch devotee and leader, for 59 years.



In Memory of:

Torch Bearer Thomas Carroll                                   By:       Dr. Francis Moul

                                                                                             Lincoln Torch Club

Robert D. Kuzelka

Torch Patron John B. Cornish                                  By:       Lehigh Valley Torch Club

Torch Patron Charles Edward Carlson III    By:       Torch Club of Albany New York

Dr. Francis Moul

                                                                                    Anna Weller Dahl

Torch Friend George Crepeau                      By:       Anna Weller Dahl

Torch Friend Robert Osborne                      By:       Arthur T. and Ruth U. Osborne

Torch Friend Keir Sterling                             By:       Dr. Francis Moul

                                                                                    Anna Weller Dahl

Torch Friend Marilyn Walker                                   By:       Timothy M. Spaeder



In Honor of:

Torch Bearer Noreen Haas                           By:       Dr. Francis Moul

                                                                                    Claire W. Kondig

                                                                                    Anna D. Johnson-Winegar

                                                                                    George B. Du Bois, Jr.

                                                                                    Mary Ann Simmons

                                                                                    Timothy M. Spaeder

                                                                                    Anne D. Sterling

                                                                                    Westminster Torch Club

                                                                                    John and Antoinette Clarke




In Honor of:

Torch Bearer Noreen Haas                           By:       George Conklin

                                                                                    Anna W. Dahl

George Heron

Lynda and Brian Lockard

                                                                                    Pat and Fred Spahr

                                                                                    Anneliese D. D’Souza

                                                                                    Jack and Anne Miller

Torch Friend Buffalo NY Torch Club                        By:       Timothy M. Spaeder

Torch Friend Elmira NY Torch Club              By:       Timothy M. Spaeder

Torch Friend Erie PA Torch Club                  By:       Timothy M. Spaeder

Torch Friend Geneseo NY Torch Club          By:       Timothy M. Spaeder

Torch Friend Rochester NY Torch Club       By:       Timothy M. Spaeder

Torch Friend St. Catharines Ontario

            Canada Torch Club                            By:       Timothy M. Spaeder                   









With the avid support of the trustees and officers of the Torch Foundation, President Richard R. Lynch announced today the establishment of a Torch Foundation Memorial and Honor Roll Program.  The Program will create an opportunity for friends of prior or current Torch Club members to honor the memory of their departed club members, and to honor and highlight the accomplishments of outstanding departed and current Torch Club members.  All contributions to the Torch Foundation are tax deductible, and are solicited to allow the Foundation to support allowable activities of the International Association of Torch Clubs.  Those activities include printing articles in the Torch Magazine and supporting the Paxton Lecture.  Each contribution will be acknowledged and a receipt sent to the donor.

The Foundation approved the following levels for the program:

Torch Lighter                           Contribution of $5,000 or more

Torch Bearer                            Contribution of $1,000 to less than $5,000

Torch Sponsor                          Contribution of $500 to less than $1,000

Torch Patron                            Contribution of $100 to less than $500

Torch Friend                            Contribution of less than $100

Contributions for each honoree will be totaled to determine the level achieved.

Torch Friend, Patron and Sponsor status entitles the honoree and the                        contributor(s) to be listed on Foundation page of the IATC website, the annual convention Torch Foundation Program, and in an issue of The Torch Magazine. 

Torch Bearer status entitles the honoree to those items above, a 1.25” x 1.75” picture and a 100 word biography on the Foundation page of the IATC website.

Torch Lighter status entitles the honoree to those items above, a 2”x 3” picture and a 150 word biography on the Foundation page of the IATC website.

Honorees will be listed in alphabetic order in category (Memorial or Honor Roll) and contribution level (total size of gift).

Contributors may choose to remain anonymous.

Contributions should be made payable to The Torch Foundation, and be forwarded to:

Torch Foundation Memorial/Honor Roll Committee

1 Burnham Avenue

Ballston Spa, New York 12020