Torch Clubs operate in 70 locations in the United States and Canada, each drawing its membership from the local professional community. The formation of new clubs in cities not yet a part of Torch are encouraged and welcome. Contact the IATC to learn how to be a part of Torch.

If you are a professional person who enjoys talking — and listening — are a little curious — and like associating with others in good fellowship, you will enjoy a Torch Club.

What is Torch?

Mission Statement

“To enable local clubs and members to perpetuate the sharing of knowledge, experience, and fellowship among the various professions.”

Torch Club Values

A widely shared conviction in the club that membership in Torch is an honor. Maintenance of high standards of qualification for members.
A record of high quality meetings featuring thoughtful and engaging Torch papers. A congenial meeting place where professionals feel comfortable.

About Us

Torch Clubs provide a forum where people from different professions and interests can meet in a convivial setting. Monthly dinners (luncheons) offer enjoyable meals and good fellowship, with spirited discussions on many topics.

A Torch Paper is the main focus of the club meeting. The presenter is usually a club member, speaking on a topic of special interest to himself – though outside speakers may be invited.

Following the talk, the speaker engages in lively exchanges with members, further exploring the ideas in the spotlight.

Torch heads to High Country

The 2020 Torch Annual Convention will be held at The Meadowbrook Inn in Boone and Blowing Rock, North Carolina, The High Country.

Visit meadowbrook-inn.com

  • Exchange Knowledge

    Together, Torch members exchange knowledge.  New perspectives often result from the ideas in a Torch Paper. Torch Club meetings offer superb opportunities to advance, confirm, or challenge opinions held by members.

  • Neutral Forum

    To maintain a neutral forum, Torch Clubs are solely devoted to the intellectual exchange of ideas. They never get involved with causes or fund-raising for outside projects. Torch Clubs never promote political or social causes nor participate in civic projects. These valuable functions are left to other organizations to which Torch members belong.

  • Affiliation

    All local Torch Clubs are affiliated with the International Association of Torch Clubs, Inc., with more than seventy clubs in the U.S. and Canada. The IATC provides services to local clubs, sponsors an annual convention, and publishes a journal of exemplary Torch Papers.

  • New Ideas

    Every Torch Club welcomes people with intellectual curiosity, who enjoy discussion and are willing to hear new ideas with an open mind.

NOTICE: The in-person convention for 2020 is cancelled due to the restrictions placed on travel because of the covid-19 virus. Please visit Torch20.org for further details.